So here's a thought - what if being irresponsible is the key to your wildest wet business dreams?
And what if what the majority of people consider to be responsible is, in fact, the most illogical thing they could do?
Is it responsible to:
Why is it okay for responsibility to almost always come at the cost of happiness and fulfillment?
...and money...and stability...quality...and just pure fucking joy?
Responsibility is a sneaky bastard that almost always comes with the EXACT trade-off that we try to so desperately to avoid.
Isn't it funny how it's okay to get into a half-million $ debt to buy a house in an inconvenient location and is a 'fixer-upper' to gain 'security'?
What if it's actually the reverse?
What if it's VERY responsible to create your own job title because your skillset doesn't fit into a pre-designed position?
What if the wisest decision you could have ever made is to take a nap during the day even though you didn't have leads coming in because it lead to you feeling refreshed, sending out THE best email campaign you've ever written and sign up 3 new clients?
What if it IS responsible to sack that client that is mentally punching you into a K.O because they're unwilling to understand what working hours mean and complain about a typo because you then have the mental capacity again to be creative with this other client who wants to hire you long-term?
Because we have this secret weapon called the internet and no longer do we have to take what is in our immediate vicinity BUT can make money, create a stable future + find meaning in what we do by offering our skills to the people who actually need them?
Even if they're on the other side of the planet?
And what if that allows other people to benefit from you in exchange for money and they make more money + create more happiness in THEIR life?
And what if THAT doesn't just make you a lot of money BUT allows you to find meaning in your life?
And what if THAT is actually the most responsible thing you can do?
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So here’s a thought – what if being irresponsible is the key to your wildest wet business dreams?

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